24 Hour Crisis Line: 706-885-1525

How we can help

We offer the following Core Services:

Safe, Confidential Shelter – The shelter is manned by trained staff 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and an alarm/surveillance system is in place for added security.

Case Management/Service Planning – Case management includes but is not limited to:

  • Safety planning
  • Determination of immediate and future needs and goals
  • Financial planning
  • Advocacy with agencies in support of providing services as they relate to medical and counseling needs, substance abuse, employment needs, and family services
  • Household establishment and sustainability
  • Providing services for children (school enrollment, medical needs, parenting support).
  • Recreational activity planning

Safety Planning – Safety planning is conducted at intake and with any life change the client may experience; for example, it ranges from employment changes, to new household establishment. Upon exiting the shelter, safety planning is conducted and documented.

Children’s Advocacy – A children’s program has been established to provide activities of a fun, educational, and safe nature. Activities first address shelter (community) living, personal space, and safety planning. Following these initial activities, children are then led through activities which include relationship strengthening, community safety (strangers, fire, etc), and bullying education. All activities address each individual age range (toddler, preschool, elementary, middle, and high school).

Individual and Group Counseling/Support – Weekly support groups are conducted and include a co-dependency support group, self-defense training, and domestic violence education. Individual support is also offered by trained staff for any client to utilize. In collaboration with local counseling providers, clients and their children are encouraged to seek professional counseling provided by these partnering agencies.

Legal Advocacy – Both the Family Advocate and Outreach Coordinator have been specifically trained to provide legal advocacy in conjunction with Temporary Protective Orders (TPO’s) and legal/court accompaniment.

Social Service advocacy – Coordination with local social service agencies ensures advocacy is reached for each client based on their needs.

Transportation – While the client is residing within the shelter, transportation needs are provided by either staff or public transportation in support of individual case management.

Parenting Education/Support – Harmony House advocates are trained to assist the client with any parenting education or support.

Follow Up – Follow up after a client has exited the shelter is provided through our Outreach Coordinator and case management is then determined by the ever-changing needs of the client. Before exiting the shelter, the client meets with the Outreach Coordinator to begin assessment of outreach services.