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Community Awareness Programs

Harmony House offers programs to educate the community on the issues, signs, and effects of domestic violence in society. Educational programs can be customized to meet the needs of a specific audience.

We currently offer the following programs:

Understanding Domestic Violence - This program offers an understanding of the realities, impact and scope of domestic violence in our community and is designed for adult civic and service clubs, church groups, professional organizations and businesses.

Is my Relationship Hurting Me? - Designed for women's groups, this program provides information on identifying and recognizing the signs of an abusive relationship and helps in developing a safe plan for leaving the abusive situation.

Effects of Violence in the Workplace - This program provides strategic employer responses to violence in the workplace and the effects of domestic violence as it relates to employee productivity and employer risk. This program is designed for business management and human resources management.

Teen Dating Violence - Designed for youth groups, college students, pre-teens, and teenagers. This program is designed to help youth recognize the warning signs of dating violence and how to help a friend that may be in an unhealthy relationship.

Domestic Violence and the Faith Community - This program is designed to help clergy, church staff and counselors on how to provide support to congregational members in abusive relationships. It includes identifying the signs of abuse and communicating available resources.

Domestic Violence and Legal Advocacy - This program provides training for court personnel, law enforcement and attorneys on identifying the aggressor, assisting the victim in assessing risk, developing a safety plan and knowing a victims rights.

Please contact us at the Harmony House Administrative Line if you would like to schedule a presentation : 706-882-4173